Vomiting in Dogs

It’s 10 pm and Fido just vomited his evening snack all over your living room rug.  The question is, is this an emergency or not?  Can it wait until tomorrow when my regular vet is open or would waiting cause the unknown problem to worsen?  While vomiting can arise from many, many causes here are a few helpful hints to help make that decision easier.


Regardless of the cause the main complication of vomiting is dehydration.  When the body is not receiving enough water or losing it through vomiting all other systems suffer.  Therefore vomiting is most critical in the young or elderly animal.


If your animal vomits stop giving food or water for 12 hours.  (If your animal is young, elderly or has an existing medical problem it may be dangerous to do this and so should probably be seen right away).  This is so that the stomach can rest.  If there is no more vomiting you are probably ok to wait until the morning.  If the vomiting continues it may indicate a more serious problem.


If you are concerned, however, feel free to call us at 310-320-8300.  You know your pet best and we will help you make that important decision as best we can.  If you do decide to come in please bring all medications the pet is on and any medical records you may have.  And if there is a suspected poisoning bring the entire box or wrapper of the substance with you.

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